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Roof restoration can be a hassle work for everyone. Even so, no matter how hard the job is, it is necessary to maintain your property’s safety and condition. However, if your roof is not restored correctly, it can cause more damage to your property. You may think it is not necessary to call for professional help and might as well do the work on your own. You cannot guarantee that the restoration is appropriately done. We, Roof Restoration San Antonio, ensure you that your roof’s restoration service is top quality.

Common Type of Roof Restoration

Terracotta Roof Restoration

Due to the vast amount of terracotta and tile roofing properties, terracotta roof restoration is one of our most common services. Roof Restoration San Antonio prioritizes leaving you with a stunning, sparkling roof that increases the value of your house. There will be no more broken tiles, moss-covered roof tiles, or fading roof tiles. We'll get your roof glowing brightly in no time!

Process of Terracota Restoration

  • Moss and lichen removal - Moss and lichen are drawn to the layer of terracotta roofs. If left alone, the moss and lichen will flourish and eventually clog the flow of rainwater into your gutters. An eco-sustainable anti-fungal spray solution is used in the removal process. This is the first step in restoring your roof to turn it back to its former glory!

  • A high-pressure wash - The next step is to wash your roof with high-pressure water. The clean requires using water and a high-pressure nozzle to preserve the natural color of your roof.

  • Gutter cleaning - Roofing Revival's team will then vacuum out the gutters of roof grime. This ensures that there are no impediments to the flow of water into your gutters.

  • Valley inspection - Your valleys will be tested and replaced if they are already rusted to guarantee the durability of your terracotta roof.

  • Tile re-bedding and re-pointing - If necessary, we will re-bed and re-point edge cap tiles.

  • Color paint application - Now that our roof has been washed, repaired, and well-maintained, you can choose various paint colors for your terracotta roof tiles.

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Process of Concrete Restoration

  • Remove all damaged roof tiles and replace them with tiles of approximately the same age and style.

  • Using a compressor-type hose and 3000psi straight water pressure, wash the entire roof region from top to bottom.

  • Clean out the nearby gutters and wipe down any exterior walls or pathways that have been damaged by roof grime.

  • Replace any badly, rusty old valley irons with new ones and take care of the rest.

  • Remove all existing edge capping and gable end verge tiles and fully re-bed or re-bed where indicated.

  • In preparation for the coating method, inspect repairs and air-blow clean the entire roof area.

  • Using the Air-less spray device, apply 1-2 coats of a selected roofing sealer depending on the tile age and form.

  • Using the Air-less spray device, apply two different coats of a top-quality pure acrylic roof tile coating, maintaining a minimum dry film thickness of 200 microns.

  • Paint all gables and flashings by hand. Clean up and clear all residue from the ground.

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You shouldn't let minor roof problems turn into costly renovation or reconstruction projects. Your roof is one of your house’s most essential components, and skilled and trained roofing professionals should only serve it. We at Roof Restoration San Antonio is giving only the best quality service to fulfill your satisfaction.

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