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Yearly Inspection Is A Must! Roof Inspection San Antonio

Roof Inspection San Antonio uses special techniques to assess a roof's lifespan without knocking it down. At first glance, it seems that roofing inspectors will have to remove a portion of the top to perform a thorough inspection, but consider your roof: you wouldn't want anyone tearing holes in it to see if it was in good condition.

Getting the roof certified from the inspection is almost always required when buying a home in many states. This is applicable, especially for those with a lot of snow and hail. Many lenders, in reality, demanded that this be completed before issuing a check. A properly vaporous roof can last 20 years or more in most states. They need to be replaced every five years in states with a lot of snow. Although having a secure roof is one of the most important aspects of a home, it can also be a costly investment, mainly if you purchased a home under the assumption that everything was in order.

The Importance of a Roof Inspection

Whether it's a foot or more of snow falling from the sky overnight or high winds tearing through town, your home's roof is the first line of protection against storms and severe weather. When homeowners have complete confidence in their roof and ignore it before the first sign of a leak occurs in the ceiling, they may already be dealing with much more severe issues, such as unwanted structural issues, mold formation, or damaged insulation. Prevent any headaches by getting the roof tested regularly.

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Roof Inspection San Antonio Checklist!


  • Perform formal visual roof inspections once a year when the roofs are clear of snow and materials, as well as informal inspections after any severe wind or rain.

  • Learn about problem roof conditions, review, learn, and follow roof safety protocols, including those in the Fall Prevention and Roof Safety pamphlet.

  • Review previous inspection reports and photos, building records, details of any repair/maintenance/replacement, and the most recent Roof Snow Overload Risk Assessment checklist before conducting a roof inspection.

  • Include photos and test results in the report to check the roof condition improvements and keep a previous roof condition record for future examiners' reference.

  • Keep an eye on the amount of snow that has accumulated on the roofs. When snow buildup on High-Risk Roofs exceeds average winter accumulation, they must take action to clear the excess snow. When the usual winter snow accumulations on High-Risk Roofs surpass the standard, inform the PW&S Regional Superintendent. They must remove snow so that it does not endanger maintenance staff and does not cause damage to the roof framework or membrane.


  • To assess whether the roof system is working as it should.

  • To spot signs of vulnerability, degradation, or danger.

  • To determine what repairs are needed.


  • Regular inspection of building roof systems can lead to the identification of roof issues, the security of government capital assets, and the preservation of the occupants' healthy working conditions in a building's environment.

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