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Do roofers negotiate in San Antonio, TX?

When you get an estimate from our roofer, negotiation is almost impossible. This will depend on certain factors, including the scope of work and the demand for the service during the season. Keep in mind that it is always possible so before you sign a contract, ask us how we can help you better with the roofing jobs.

Is it normal for a roofer to ask for a deposit?

Yes, similar to general contractors, they ask for an initial payment to secure the job. The money given is for buying the materials and parts needed for the project. However, for quick jobs, we do not ask for deposits anymore. You can pay us in full after we have provided the services.

Which color sheet is best for roofing?

Our experts always recommend using light-colored aluminum roofing sheets. This will reflect the sunlight more, making sure you have a cool temperature inside your home during the hottest days in San Antonio. However, going for a dark-colored one is also good as it makes the house warmer during cold days.

Which roof lasts the longest?

Based on studies of the NAHB (National Association of Home Builders), slates have by far the longest lifespan. You can expect its life to be more than 150 years. Next to it are clay and concrete with approximately 100 years. These roofs are also considered the most expensive, but they will surely give you the best out of your money.

How many times can you overlay a roof?

The process of re-roofing is limited to two layers in San Antonio. This is to make sure that there will be no issues regarding your home. You have to understand that the weight and pressure double when installing new roof shingles on top of the old ones. Your roof structure could break because of the extra load. It can also make your home hotter as the heat gets trapped in between the shingles.


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